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RP Automotive Data provides data and reports on (a) new vehicle registrations, (b) used vehicle registrations and (c) vehicle parcs (or vehicles-in-use). Passenger cars (M1), Light commercial vehicles (N1), Trucks & road tractors (N2&N3), Minibuses, buses & coaches (M2&M3), Mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles & quadricycles (L1-L7) as well as Trailers & semi-trailers (O1-O4) are available (except when noted otherwise). Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are covered. All the data can be provided in volume data report in Excel (xlsx) format or text (txt) form (tab delimited) for further integration into your data processing and analysis systems. Current and historical data are available.

When requested, any specific report sample will be provided. Thus, feel free to find out which data set or report version best suits your needs.

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