RP Automotive Data

About Us

RP Automotive Data is a low-cost brand of automotive market intelligence in the Baltic States, owned by Rinkodaros Projektai UAB. The brand was developed based on our experience that some clients do put price above quality while making decisions for subscribing to or placing one-off orders for market reports and databases.

Thus, our prime aim is to keep the price as low as possible and beat any other competitor in this regard. Thus, we are to stand by the claim that you are paying the lowest available price for any comparable data set or report. If you can prove there is any better offer around, we are to lower our price further on to beat it. In an extreme case it can happen that you will have nothing to pay at all.

However, this does not mean that our data and report quality is somehow below par. We are employing partly processed and unified source data, verified for omissions while our reports go through control for mistakes and conformity, which means our quality (L6) is well above average, especially when compared to any row source data. Thus, RP Automotive Data stands for the following:

Quality: partly processed and unified source data, verified for omissions; final reports gone through control for mistakes and conformity (L6);
Products: volume data (xlsx) reports with/without analysis tool (pivot table), volume data in Text format;
Coverage: Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia);
Delivery: from 2nd/4th business day;
Prices: the lowest (taking into account comparable content and processing).

We have to say that if you need the essential info with reasonable quality at the lowest price, order with us. However, if you need the most sophisticated and detailed one of the highest quality, order with AV Automotive Research.

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